Coastal Maine Photo Tours: Educational Tours in Photography

coastal Maine locations
that will stimulate your
photographic vision.

to gain better control
of your digital
camera’s operations.

fabulous and unique
images through guided
and informative tours.

Coastal Maine Photo Tours are travel adventure and photography education and are designed to educate, accommodate, and inspire all photographers. Bring any type of camera, even those just out of the box. No previous experience required.

“Lessons on Location” include demonstrations on digital camera techniques, manual controls, and menu settings. Group discussions will inspire visual observations with light, perspective, scale, and texture. Individual review of your photographic images are the key to putting it all together.

Excursions may include: lighthouses, sand beaches, rocky coastline, quaint fishing villages, island communities, historic cities, gardens, museums, wineries, artist’s studios, foliage, galleries, and other cultural and natural settings.

As your guide, Dee’s goal is to help you make your images better, to show you ways to expand your vision, to increase your awareness of your surroundings, to help you understand the camera controls that can support your vision, and overall, to help you to see the world through your camera with more creative ability.

Dee strives to offer you a fun, informative, and inspiring photographic education and travel experience. Her passion for photography and her enthusiasm for teaching will offer you an opportunity to expand your photographic skills while exploring the beautiful coast of Maine. You can find more at Your Guide.

Travel Adventure & Photography Education