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Artist Statement

The basis of my photographic work is primarily an exploration of the human experience in the urban environment. My photographic vision has developed through a modernist approach with cubist roots and conceived within the framework of traditional documentary and photojournalism, but without trying to make any social changes or support any specific cause. These images transcend being documents and offer a stage like narrative presence as part of a larger, coherent story. I see these people as members of a silent, universal, and unending cast of characters.

My interest is in the experience of life and the art that I see within it, and how the two can blend as a subconscious, and yet, real experience. While looking through the viewfinder, I focus on seemingly ordinary people to be recorded on film in an extraordinary moment. For me it is an intuitive response in finding photographic form and structure in a human experience. My concerns lie in the significance of the event as well as the organization of the photographic frame.

To create in the street photography genre I spend a lot of time visually investigating and analyzing my surroundings to understand how the human element is significant to the place. Moving around to see how the relationships of the objects to each other can change, and surveying how the people move in the space. I make an observation and visually translate it into photographic forms while predicting what the next moment will hold for the camera: the composition is highly calculated, but the event is only a prediction. Then, in a fraction of a second the latent image lies waiting on the film to be re-discovered through the processing and brought back to life in the photographic print.

All the images on this web site are by Dee Peppe, unless otherwise noted, and are all for sale. Contact deepeppe@gmail.com.

From the series Foreign and Familiar.

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