Coastal Maine Photo Tours by date: 2018

Each tour listed below is a link to the tour description. If the date you were hoping for isn’t listed, call us. Tours are small and it sometimes works to shift the dates, or we add another tour. Private tours can also be arranged to accommodate your schedule. These are available for individuals, families, or small groups. More info on private tours can be found HERE.

More May tours will be added.

May 27 (Sun) –Photo Walk, 1/2-day

May 29 (Tue) –Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

May 31 (Thur) – Lighthouses and Lobsters: A Maine Adventure


June 2 (Sat) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion                                                        June 3 (Sun) – Photo Walk, 1/2-day

June 4 -5  (Mon-Tue) -30 hours on Monhegan Island (NEW, details to come.)

June 8 (Fri) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion

June 19 (Tue) –Lighthouses and Lobsters: A Maine Adventure 

June 20 (Wed) – Monhegan Island Day Tour (New, details to come.)

June 22 (Fri) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion                                                    June 23 (Sat) –Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

**************************************************************************July 1 (Sun) –Photo Walk, 1/2-day
July 2 (Mon) Vinalhaven Island Excursion                                                     July 3 (Tue) – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

July 6 (Fri) – Great Schooner Race Photo Adventure: Chase the Race

July 16 (Mon) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion                                                   July 17 (Tue) Lighthouses and Lobsters: A Maine Adventure

July 19  (Thur) -Monhegan Island Day Tour (New, details to come.)

July 21  (Sat) – Hours of Flowers: Photographing Maine Gardens                                (this tour comes on the heels of the local garden tours)                                July 22 (Sun) – Photo Walk, 1/2-day                                                                    July 23 (Mon) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion                                                   July 24 (Tue)  – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey                        July 25 (Wed) – Photo Walk, 1/2-day

**************************************************************************Aug 5 (Sun) – Photo Walk, 1/2-day                                                                         Aug 6 (Mon) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion                                                          Aug 7 (Tue) – Lighthouses and Lobsters: A Maine Adventure                    Aug 8 (Wed)Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

Aug 10 (Fri) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion 

Aug 19 (Sun) – Photo Walk, 1/2-day 

*************************************************************************Sept 8 (Sat) –Vinalhaven Island Excursion

Sept 9 ( Sun) – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

Sept 11 – 14 (Tue-Fri) – 3-nights on Vinalhaven (NEW, details to come.)

Sept 16 (Sun) – Photo Walk, 1/2-day 

Sept 17 ( Mon) –Lighthouses and Lobsters: A Maine Adventure

Sept 23 ( Sun) – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

Sept 29 (Sat) – Vinalhaven Island Excursion

**************************************************************************Oct 7 (Sun)-Photo Walk, 1/2-day: Rockport Village

Oct 8-14 – Fall Foliage, Waterfalls & Covered Bridges in Western Maine.

Oct 20 (Sat) – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse: Sunset Journey

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