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Autumn, Maine Photo Tour


Come join Coastal Maine Photo Tours and expand your photography skills while exploring the culture, history, and landscape of Maine. We’ll take you to some of the most spectacular locations on the Maine coast, and beyond. When you combine photography education with a travel adventure you get Maine’s best photo tours. 

We strive to offer you a travel experience rather than that of a tourist. The difference between the two is that a tourist observes and witnesses from a distance. A traveler experiences and gets involved, and thereby gains knowledge. There’s a different connection to your images, so your images have more energy.

Choices include both land and sea excursions, coastal or mountain, landscape or city. Tours are one day or multi adventures, and group sizes are small. We meet you at your skill level so any camera types are welcome, including smart phones and tablets. And you are welcome to sign up for our Newsletter (left column).

The 2022 dates are posted but other offerings may be added later. Sometimes it is possible to shift tour dates. Call if you don’t see what you need. It’s worth a try.

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Your Guide…..

Maine’s best photo tours are led by longtime local, fine-art photographer, Dee Peppe, professor at the University of Maine. Dee brings a unique combination of local knowledge and teaching experience to the itinerary of every tour. While covering camera techniques, she strives to show you ways to expand your vision and increase your awareness of your surroundings.

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General area information: Penobscot Bay Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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