Photography Gift Card

Perfect gift for any occasion!

Your recipient can use their Gift Card to register for any of my programs; tours, workshops, classes, and more.

  • One-Day Photo Tours
  • Multi-Day Photo Workshops
  • In-Person, Private Photo Lessons & Photo Tours that are customizable
  • Live-online Classes
  • Coaching & Mentoring (live in my studio in Rockland or online)
Maine Photo Tour: Hours of Flowers

Give them an experience they can use for a lifetime!

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Gift cards can be purchased for any amount. Consider if you want to choose a specific activity (peruse the website) or make a contribution towards an activity that your recipient can choose later.

I’m happy to help you figure out the right gift for your someone special.

Gift Cards do not expire, however, once a Gift Card is used to register for a specific Photography Program the cancellation policy for that Program will apply. Cancellation details will be included in the Program confirmation email.

Maine Photo Tours, monarch butterflies