Private Photo Coaching Services


My Private Photo Coaching is a little bit of both. Your needs and goals drive the direction of the meetings. I can offer exercises and tasks to help you build new skills, alongside bringing my professional wisdom and experiences to guide you. It can be unstructured on an as-needed basis, or structured with regular scheduled meetings. It could be as little as a one-time meeting to address something very specific, or on-going with a schedule that works for you. We will meet either by video conferencing or live in my studio in Rockland, Maine. I currently have a limited number of openings available.

You might want private coaching to:
  • Build new skills.
  • Receive continuous feedback, critiques, or advice on images.
  • Learn how to use your camera more creatively.
  • Meet your long-term goals.
  • Encouragement to push forward & grow.
  • Develop a portfolio or body of work with a common theme.
  • Create work for an exhibition, shows, or competitions.
  • Overcome a creative block.
  • Unlock your potential.
  • Set up your digital workflow.
  • Organize your folders and files.
  • For inspiration, motivation, discipline, and accountability.
  • Fill the gaps in technical knowledge with your camera or computer software.

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Dee Peppe Private Coaching Services
Hey, this is me at my desk excited to help you meet your goals.

Having to switch my college classes to online, live video conferencing proved to be more rewarding than I every thought possible.  I never would have dived in if it wasn’t for the pandemic. Online teaching opened up new possibilities for ways that I can share my experience and passion for photography with people all over the world. Email me if you have questions about my Private Photo Coaching or would like to briefly discuss your ideas to see if this is right for you.

Click here for the Coaching Meeting Frequency and Rates.