Flower Photography Workshop

Photographing Maine Gardens: July 7 or Aug 22.

Dahlia farm Maine
Flower Photography Workshop: Photographing Maine Gardens

This one-day photography workshop will take you to some of the best private and public gardens in the region. If you want to stretch your creativity and challenge your photographic vision, then this Photo Tour is perfect for you. Whether you are composing a singular flower, a whole flowerbed, or the entire garden, you will learn how to best utilize your camera equipment and expand your personal vision to create extraordinary images.

While working with composition and camera settings, you will learn to apply 2-dimensional design elements such as color, repetition, texture, and form.

“I was immediately impressed with Dee’s ability to provide each attendee with the guidance they needed, oftentimes jumping back and forth between a neophyte like me, and much more seasoned photographers.” – Minda M.

Possible locations to visit on the Flower Photography Workshop include local gardens both public and private including; backyards, community gardens, hard to find nature centers, shade, herb, or rock gardens, professionally designed beds, native and heirloom plants, or themed gardens.

TWO DATES: July 7 or Aug 22

TIME: 9:00am-4:00pm: Meeting location will be either Camden or Rockland and will be determined a day or two before the tour. 

RATES: Adults 17+ = $175, Ages 16 and under = $95, and must be accompanied by an adult.

Payment is by cash, check if registering early enough, or book online for an additional fee.

Flower photography and the whole garden.
Photo by Annie Elliot

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  • You’ll receive tips and techniques to guide you in creating interesting and unique images of flowers and nature.
  • Concentrating on camera creativity, group discussions will include addressing sharpness, depth of field, focal length, and exposure.
  • We will look at how color can enhance contrast, rhythm and unity.
  • Learn how the direction of light controls shape, form and texture.
  • Review of your images will illustrate composition principals; pattern, balance, and design techniques such as point of view and framing.

Stretching your vision to make extraordinary images on a flower photography workshop.
Cancellation Policy:

I will give a complete refund in the event that I need to cancel a tour for any reasons. If you need to cancel and do so with 48 hours or more notice from the date and time of your tour you will receive a full refund. If you cancel in less than 48 hours from your tour date and time a 50% refund of your tour fee will be given.

Once you have registered you will receive further information about the tour. Please call or email if you have any immediate questions.

Looking for the unexpected while photographing flowers.

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Maine Photo Tour: hours of flowers