10 Benefits of Photography to Mental Health, an article by Jenn Pereira

It’s true, photography is good for your mental health. Perhaps that is the reason why so many people, almost everyone, have photography in their lives. It is estimated that 14.7 billion images are made in a day worldwide and that 3.2 billion are shared every day. This article was originally written during the pandemic to … Continue reading 10 Benefits of Photography to Mental Health, an article by Jenn Pereira

Photography shaped our Labor Laws

There have been many ways that photography helped, contributed, or influenced change in the world. This video will show you how it shaped our labor laws and supported the efforts to make for safer workplaces. Lewis W. Hine, a sociologist and photographer, used his camera to uncover the dangerous, abusive, and unfair conditions that child … Continue reading Photography shaped our Labor Laws

Expand Your Photographic Vision!

You can create more powerful images by learning composition techniques and ways to expand your photographic vision. Learn to see more of what is in your viewfinder before you make your exposure. The following slide show presents to you some of the 2-D design tools that are accessible to you all the time. With tips … Continue reading Expand Your Photographic Vision!

Dee’s Digital Workflow

From Winter 2022 Newsletter, plus video at the end. In the newsletter I offered a brief description of my digital workflow as a guide for you to think about organizing your own workflow to streamline efficiency and gain quick results. A digital workflow is very personal and you don’t need to follow someone else’s mapped … Continue reading Dee’s Digital Workflow

Focal Length Explained

This information is an extension to the LEARN article in the Winter 2020 Newsletter. If you are starting here, do go and check out the newsletter, too.  Many photographers do not use the full creative potential of their lenses. And many don’t realize what the controls of the lens are. I believe that one thing … Continue reading Focal Length Explained

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