Semi Private Small Group Classes

Focused Learning Options

In this format I prepare and organize specific topics with lessons, demonstrations, visual examples of topics or slideshows to illustrate concepts, and weekly assignments or exercises. All of the following courses will be through video conferencing on Zoom or Google Meets.

Semi-Private Small Group Classes

    • Length of class meetings: 1 – 1.5 hours
    • 5 student max
    • 4 or 5 class sessions, see each course for details
    • plus 15 – 20 minute private pre-course meeting with each student
    • and a 30 min private follow-up within 2 weeks of completion of course
    • all meetings times are in Eastern Standard Time

Getting to Know Your Camera

This course is an introduction to your DSLR, mirrorless, or smaller cameras that have manual settings. You will learn the dials and buttons, exposure modes, lens; focus techniques and focal length, exposure settings; ISO, shutter speed, aperture, menu items, file size, white balance, and the basics of how a camera records an image. Learning how to navigate your camera’s owners manual will assist you in the future when you need to learn something new about your camera. After taking this course you will enjoy making images with a sense of confidence in your camera handling abilities.

Intro to Camera Controls with Dee Peppe


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Lightroom Classic Software

You’ll learn a basic digital workflow. Starting in the Library Module with importing, organizing, rating, making collections, and exporting. Next step is enhancing images in the Develop Module with cropping, white balance, spot removal, basic panel for tonal adjustments, presence panel, and adjustment tools. Then we’ll move on to printing or sharing. Includes discussion, demos, and supervised work time.

Lightroom Classic Software Lesson

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Vision & Composition

Expand the way you see the world by learning to notice 2-dimensional design principals and elements and how to apply them to photography. Discover ways to create balance in your compositions and stimulate your creativity. Each meeting will have  slide lessons along with shooting assignments, discussions on creativity, group critique of previous weeks work. Students will submit assignment images before the next meeting for a brief, individual, recorded or written review.

Maine photo tour: Hours of Flowers

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Travel Adventure & Photography Education