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incidental learning

June 8, 2017 “The incidental learning that comes from watching a pro and interacting with other photographers is always beneficial.”…

at ease

June 8, 2017 “Dee makes you feel at ease whether using a smart phone or a $5000 camera.” (D.N.)

more tours

June 8, 2017 “I plan on signing up for more photo tours.” (D.H.) “You’ll look at the world in a…

private tour

June 8, 2017 “The highlight of my trip to Maine was the customized photo tour with Dee.” (D.H.)

gorgeous locations

May 3, 2016 “The quality of Dee’s instruction, plus spending time enjoying a couple of gorgeous locations made for a…

stomping grounds

May 3, 2016 “Dee’s photography tours are appropriate to a wide range of skill levels: the experienced photog looking to…

Walked and talked

May 3, 2016 “We reviewed the basics settings and did little projects with the great subjects available, and walked and talked…

hone skills

May 3, 2016 “Great for experienced photographers to hone their skills or spur their creativity.” (C.M.)


May 3, 2016 “I highly recommend this tour to vacationers and locals, and all skill levels.” (C.M.)

Good value

May 3, 2016 “I thought the price was very modest and that I got good value for my investment!” (S.D.)