“Loved our Pemaquid Lighthouse Adventure with Dee and one other couple. Having only a short vacation in Maine, it made sense to get together with Dee and let her show us the best spot for Lighthouse shots. She worked with us for a while first to sense our ability levels and was wonderful about straightening out misconceptions that I had about my settings and how to make best use of my lenses…She also had ideas for great shots around the lighthouse…She led us to a local seafood restaurant on the water and after a fun meal together, we returned to the lighthouse for the full moon shoot. Dee is a professional photographer who has taught others. She is fun and easy to be with. I think the incidental learning that comes from watching a pro and interacting with other photographers is always beneficial. I’d join up with Dee again in a heartbeat…Let Dee help you find scenic spots in coastal Maine to make the best use of your camera skills and help you produce those images that you are looking for. I did:)” Maggie, Pemaquid Point Sunset Journey


“After a day with Dee you will not only learn more about photography but you will see the world in a different way. Everywhere you look you will now see patterns, light bouncing off of objects, colors being either soft or sharp etc. etc. Dee makes you feel at ease with whatever level of photography you are at, whether using a smart phone or a $5000 camera. We totally enjoyed our day traveling to Vinalhaven with Dee, we learned a lot and look forward to spending more time on photography with her. Dee was also very helpful in explaining all the complicated features of digital cameras.” Diane N., Florida, Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion


Coastal Maine Photo Tours is an awesome adventure in photography and seeing the beauty of Maine. Dee is very good about wanting to know what each individual wants to accomplish in the tour and helping them reach their goal. Her tours are packed full with fun and information on learning your camera (whether a first timer or experienced). Maine is filled with beauty and I admire how much time she puts in to finding some great places to take her tours. The dedication to making the most of her tours shows when you’re out learning and shooting. I really appreciate the time she makes for each individual to look over our pictures at various times to see the progress. Dee has a way of encouraging you to try to look beyond the obvious, maybe see things in different ways.” Lauren P., Dallas, Texas, Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion


“The highlight of my trip to Maine was the customized photo tour with Dee. I so appreciate her pre-planning trip to maximize our day together. She was relaxing to be with who shared her expertise and suggestions as we photographed pre-selected and spontaneous sites. It was great to travel the road less traveled through a photographers eye. I look forward to future such trips with Dee.” Diane H., Fresno, California, Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion


“Awesome day with Dee, owner of Maine Photo Tours!

Wow – what a great way to spend a few hours, and what a great way to see and experience the beautiful and charming village of Rockport! This was my first photo tour with Dee and I enjoyed every minute of it. Dee has a very calm, relaxing and supportive teaching style that I respect and admire. I plan on signing up for more of her photo tours. Thanks Dee!” Sue L., Vinalhaven, Maine, Photo Walk: Rockport Harbor and Village


“I had a wonderful time on Thursday.  I am excited about using some of the new tips you shared with us.  The Photo Tours are a perfect balance of site seeing and learning, what a great way to see Maine.
Dee, you are a wonderful instructor and guide.” Michele W., Brunswick, Maine, Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion

**************************************************************************”Dee has an excellent grasp on the art, craft and science that is photography. She communicates that photographic knowledge and experience in a comfortable straight-forward manner. Her lessons and examples are easy to conceptualize and apply. She gets to know all her student-client’s skill levels quickly. Gathering input from the student-client she proffers each person as well as the group with some goals for the session.
Dee’s photography tours are appropriate to a wide range of skill levels: the experienced photog looking to be recharged to the newbie with digital camera and manual in hand. And then there’s the coast of Maine, her photographic stomping grounds.”
Stephen M., Conway, New Hampshire
Action Photographer, Retired Public Educator                                            Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion

**************************************************************************”I really enjoyed the trip to Vinalhaven and the photo course I did with Dee .  She is an experienced teacher and quickly understood what I needed to know about my camera and my own style of photography. We reviewed the basics of manual settings and did little projects with the great subjects available there, and walked and talked and shot and reviewed and talked and walked more. She was easy going and let the students sort of explore the area and the camera, and took her time explaining every answer to every question. She clearly met my learning objectives for a day long course, and I will be back for more once I practice what I learned .  I also thought the price was very modest and that I got good value for my investment!  Thanks Dee!”                                                                                                  Sandi D., Rockland, Maine, B&B owner                                                                Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion

**************************************************************************”Dee,  not only did I learn how to shoot flowers better (not as easy as it looks, I’ve realized) But I also finally got over being intimidated with the digital camera.  Thanks so much for that and for a great day out in nature.”                                                                                                                  Nancy G., Winterport, Maine, Retired                                                           Photo Tour: Hours of Flowers

**************************************************************************In October, my sister and I had the pleasure of going on a private photo tour led by Dee Peppe. The quality of Dee’s instruction, plus spending time enjoying a couple of gorgeous locations made for a spectacular experience.
Dee initially asked us about our individual goals for the day (working on fundamental skills), each of our skill levels (one of us a beginner/new to SLR & manual settings, and the other having some previous instruction/intermediate, but very rusty) and our interests. Then she tailored a unique experience for each of us. We spent most of the day in Belfast, a picturesque coastal town. Dee worked with us as we photographed, giving feedback and teaching techniques throughout the day. She fluidly responded to teaching opportunities as they arose, demonstrating new skills and working with us as we practiced. Dee intuitively set a pace which allowed us time to explore and experiment, coaxing us into a flow, changing the relationship to our photographs, so that we began to feel, as well as see the images as we made them.
After lunch, we reviewed our photos. Dee gave thoughtful, clear feedback, drawing on her years of experience teaching photography to students of all ages from children to university students and older adults. I would highly recommend this tour to vacationers, and also to locals of all skill levels from beginners to more experienced photographers who would like to hone their skills or spur their creativity . Cindy M. Camden, ME., Hospital Administration, Private Tour

**************************************************************************”I enjoy visiting Maine and loved the idea of spending a day taking pictures under the guidance of a professional photographer. After initial introductions, our leader, Dee, asked what our goals for the day were and I said “To have FUN – and learn some new things”.

Well, I can say unequivocally that my goals were met and surpassed! She clearly is a talented “teacher” and realizes the value of hands on experience in the learning process.

After relaxing, soaking up some sun on deck and enjoying the beautiful scenery for the first few minutes on the boat, Dee’s discussion about when and how to use the various camera settings continued for the remainder of the boat ride. Upon arrival at Vinalhaven we immediately began to practice some of the techniques that she had discussed on the boat ride over. Aside from a relaxing lunch break, we spent the day walking and practicing various techniques for getting the best pictures possible. During the ferry ride back to Rockland, Dee reviewed and critiqued the pictures that we had taken during the day. She has an amazing ability to zero in on the skill level of each person and the gift of knowing exactly how to convey information effectively.  It was a great day!”  Dana H., Andover, MA, Accountant, Photo Tour: Vinalhaven Island Excursion